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DietWise offers personalized and comprehensive nutritional advice related to health...

Through the use of 8 polar electrodes, the Tanita BC-418 Segmental Body Composition...

These consultations are for individuals, couples or families and are customized based on...

We are able to offer menu planning for hotels, restaurants, hospitals and schools based on their specific nutritional needs.

Meet Emily

Emily Agathocleous completed her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition at the University of Surrey in the UK in 2010. She continued her post­graduate studies in Clinical Dietetics (MSc Dietetics) – which she completed with honours – at Kings College London in 2012. During her studies, she completed her clinical practice for about a year at Guy’s and St’ Thomas hospital, one of the top teaching hospitals in the UK, where she practiced and gained experience in various clinical sectors.

Since February 2013, she works as a private registered dietitian at DietWise, offering personalized nutritional counseling and menu planning for weight management and health related diseases. She is an active member of Cyprus Dietetic and Nutrition Association (CYDNA) and a member of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) UK.


At the age of 54, I decided to get rid of the extra kilos I gained after major changes in my life, such as the menopause, thyroidectomy, and early retirement. I thought that with the above changes it would be very difficult to do so until a friend of mine recommended a visit to the clinical dietician-nutritionist Emily Agathocleous for help. The professional guidance from Emily made me believe in myself again and in just 2 months I lost 9.4 kilos, without any significant effort, since my diet plan was based on my own taste preferences. Thank you Emily!

Sylva Toumazi


“My experience with Emily was wonderful! She is professional, friendly and supportive. She helped me achieve my weight and health goals. Her eating plans are effective, easy to follow and fit to a busy lifestyle. My eating habits have totally changed and I feel I will be able to stick to them for life. Emily has been the key in getting me back to shape and I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about improving their well-being.”

Christina Lyssiotou


“My experience with DietWise was the best. I tried several times to lose weight on my own but I was never successful. Dietwise taught me a new way of living by eating healthy. In 3 months I lost 9kg and I am feeling better with myself.”

Sarah Nayeli


“I didn’t believe that I could lose 13kg in 3 months. DietWise helped me achieve that easily and without being weak during these months by eating healthy.”

Constantinos Christodoulou


“I got the great result and experience. You helped me to understand my body, what I need and how to move on. You are professional and you know how to help to solve the problems. You motivate and supported me. Thank you very much for a nice team work.”

Lana Kolycheva